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52mm Round Support Pallets

Support Pallets function as machinable blanks.  These are intended to be modified to accept various tooling components and clamping devices.  They provide an ideal base for building fixtures that will be mounted with the Quick-Loc system.  Square and round styles are available.

  • Material: Low Carbon Steel
  • Thickness Tolerance: ±.01mm
  • Pull Studs Included
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Part NumberA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Weight lb. (kg)Pull Stud
QL-200400 CAD
11627524.07 (1.85)
QL-200800 CAD
QL-200405 CAD
11650527.43 (3.37)
QL-200800 CAD
QL-200410 CAD
15727529.11 (4.13)
QL-200800 CAD
QL-200415 CAD
157505216.77 (7.61)
QL-200800 CAD